Ashley’s Crossover Back Play Dress

I am a mom to this adorable 1 year old.  What a terrific blessing!  I also like to sew- and I have felt a little bit challenged to find the time to get deep into a project.

Fortunately there are some seriously cute quick projects out there.  I can make 3 of these cute little tops in about an hour.  

They are easy to get on and off her because it crosses over in the back and attaches with snaps at the shoulder like overalls.  

This is a really simple – one piece pattern that you can easily draft yourself.  I’ve been asked for this pattern quite a few times now so I went ahead and digitized it.  You can find a link to purchase it here for only $2 if you don’t have the time to draft your own.

Here is how to make it.

First pick two fabrics you like together.  Get half a yard of each.  Wash and dry them.  

Lay them on your cutting surface right sides together and place the pattern on top.  Pin and cut.

Sew around the entire perimeter using a quarter inch seam allowance.  Leave a fist sized opening.  Clip your corners and curves.

Stick your hand through the hole and pull the right sides out.

Press and edge stitch. 

 I used set in Pearl snaps but you can also make this reversible using buttons.

All done!

4 thoughts on “Ashley’s Crossover Back Play Dress

  1. I just received the download but it does not even show the whole schematic. As well there are no measurements or indication of how to use this pattern. If I just had half the image, even that would be usable. I am not sure how to proceed. Any suggestions!


  2. Hi Hilary!
    Thanks so much for downloading our pattern! When you hit the print command you will see a drop down menu where you will be able to select the “tile pages” option. That will cause the file which is 18″ tall to print out the right size. You will then need to tape the pages together to create your pattern. The construction of this garment is very simple and you can see photo instructions of how to make it in the blog post above. Just cut out two of the pattern, put the right sides together, stitch around the perimeter leaving a hole big enough for your hand, clip the curves then flip the garment so the right sides are out and top
    stitch around the perimeter and then apply the snaps at the shoulder. The back crosses over. I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have further questions.


    • Thanks Lauren. Still, I am not able to make this happen from my computer. I took it to my local copy place and they could not create the tiles either. I will try one more place. I live in a small town so don’t have so many options. Perhaps my computer is too old – I have an early MacBook Pro. I will keep trying!
      Kind Regards,


  3. Hi Hilary,
    I’m sorry you are having trouble with this. May I ask what program you are using to print? Since you are on a mac, Adobe’s free program Acrobat Reader supports large file printing tiled across multiple pages.
    Here is a link to download Acrobat Reader
    and here are step by step instructions with helpful photos to print tiled pages from that program.
    Hopefully this will resolve your little hiccup in a jiffy!


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